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A captive is a private insurance company that has been specifically formed to insure the risks of an affiliated business. With ARS Captive Solutions, business owners receive platinum-level, tailored coverages that can fill gaps in their existing commercial policies. If you have uninsured or underinsured risks inside your business, forming a captive insurance company through ARS may be the best way to keep your business resilient, manage risk and accumulate wealth.


Under current market conditions, business owners and risk management professionals who were trying to purchase or renew insurance policies had to navigate an increasingly hardening insurance market characterized by higher rates for several of their necessary policy lines. The coronavirus pandemic and natural catastrophe losses have only made matters worse. Many companies have unfortunately learned the hard way that their insurance companies are denying business interruption claims for losses resulting from the pandemic because there was no physical damage. A captive can insure against pandemics and other non-damage related business interruption events, such as loss of rental income and lost profits. Click below to learn more about ARS Captive Solutions: 

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