If you want to guarantee access to insurance coverages and stop paying millions of dollars to the major insurance companies only to see them systematically deny your claims when you need your insurance the most, you need to understand the numerous advantages provided by a Captive.

Businesses in highly-regulated industries such as Cannabis & Hemp, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Digital Art, NFT’s and Cryptocurrency, can create their own private insurance company and write coverages that are otherwise too expensive or unavailable in the conventional marketplace. With an ARS Captive, insurance premiums are received tax-free and you can take advantage of numerous other benefits, including:

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A captive is a strategic, long-term approach to risk financing for companies who have a positive loss history and are proactive with regard to safety and loss prevention. Captives are not ideal for companies that only want to respond to short-term market fluctuations or do not have a risk management program in place.

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Our Guide to Captive Formation will help you determine if Captive Insurance is right for you. Learn more about the unique advantages of Captive Insurance, how Captive Pools operate, and the qualifications and requirements for getting started.  

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If you have uninsured or underinsured risks inside your business, forming a captive insurance company through ARS may be the best way to keep your business resilient, manage risk and accumulate wealth. We offer a free consultation to determine if an ARS Captive Solution is right for you.