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Are You Ready to Bet on Yourself & Win?

Finding the right insurance for your business can be expensive, difficult to obtain or not available at all. Business owners operating in highly-regulated industries, such as Cannabis & Hemp, Psychedelic Medicine, Cruise Ship/Marine, Pharmaceuticals, Technology, Digital Art and NFT’s, are presently faced with paying large premiums for coverages in a “hard” insurance market.

Alternative Risk Strategies (ARS) offers alternative insurance solutions and customizable coverage options for your business's unique, difficult or expensive risk exposures. Our Specialty Captive Solutions are competitive and affordable alternatives to traditional commercial insurance markets and can help you:

Lower Costs

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With ARS, you can access the reinsurance markets with benefits such as increased capacity, lower pricing, enhanced coverage, and reduced exclusions.

Improve Cash Flow

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ARS Captive Solutions offer flexibility in premium payment planning that can significantly improve your cash flow.

Accumulate Capital

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Captives are a highly tax efficient tool to accumulate wealth and capital. Funds inside the captive insurance program  accumulate over time and can be a valuable financial asset.

Could Captive Insurance Benefit you?

ARS Client Guide to Captive Formation_v4

Fed up with paying too much for insurance due to regulatory and market conditions?

Having Difficulty attracting "Best In Class" Outside Directors?

Tired of annual renewals?

Are you spending more than $1.5M in Insurance Premiums a year?

Having trouble finding Directors and Officers Liability and Excess Limits up to $25M?

Interested in reducing insurance premiums by  20-40% Year-Over-Year?

Do you have a clean loss record?

Have a long view towards risk management ?

Interested in converting insurance premiums from an expense into an asset?

Need a broad form insurance policy uniquely scripted to meet your business operations?

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