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We provide traditional and alternative insurance risk strategies and solutions, including Captive Insurance Company Management Services, to clients internationally.


We are advisors specializing in Captives as an Alternative Risk Strategy for your company’s risk management solutions.


We will prepare, evaluate, coordinate and direct you  to the appropriate captive markets for your industry. In addition, we will assist you with coordinating the legal, tax, accounting, insurance, investment, financial, and other advice necessary to implement the Captive.

Our goal is to provide you with long-term insurance solutions that bring greater certainty to your risk management and compliance operations. ARS is neither a law firm nor an accounting firm. We are your trusted Captive advisers.


ARS Client Guide to Captive Formation_v4

ARS brokers have deep experience working with businesses in highly-regulated industries and can provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. 


ARS manages the process of analyzing our client’s potential captive goals/objectives and current commercial insurance coverages.

ARS guides our clients through the alternative risk transfer discussion and the actual creation of the captive.

ARS coordinates our client’s outside professionals such as tax/accounting, legal and insurance brokers. We form a risk management committee of outside experts to report to the captive owners.

ARS manages the relationship between clients, insurance brokers and captive managers as an opportunity to produce synergies that will benefit the client and put the client's needs and interests first.


Learn About Captives

Captives are private insurance solutions designed to provide customizable coverage options for unique, emerging or expensive risk exposures. With ARS Captive Solutions, YOU control and own your risk management program and take advantage of risk sharing  benefits and rewards.​

Download Client Guide

Our Guide to Captive Formation will help you determine if Captive Insurance is right for you. Learn more about the unique advantages of Captive Insurance, how Captive Pools operate, and the qualifications and requirements for getting started.  

Schedule Consultation

If you have uninsured or underinsured risks inside your business, forming a captive insurance company through ARS may be the best way to keep your business resilient, manage risk and accumulate wealth. We offer a free consultation to determine if an ARS Captive Solution is right for you.

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